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Meet The Maven

An entrepreneur, writer, strategist, mother of four incredible children and an eternal optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be.

Vesna is a personal growth mentor that combines her skills with an intuitive approach to elevating your life and business with an aligned purpose, allowing her clients to propel their businesses forward and get noticed.


I have always been drawn to human potential and what makes a person live the fullest expression of their life. My life-long passion has been around what exactly it is that makes people genuinely fulfilled, happy and nourished. Why do some people live in a state of suffering while others find a way to not only survive but truly thrive, even despite the most challenging of circumstances?


Originally studying a Bachelor of Psychology, I switched to Business to satiate my drive and relentless go-getting nature. My knack for connecting with people on a deep level naturally led me to collaborate with like-minded individuals and businesses who were focused on living life by fulfilling their highest purpose and empowering businesses to take their growth goal and make the changes necessary to not only attain them but knock them out of the ballpark.


This has allowed for my clients to propel their businesses forward and get noticed in the marketplace. I especially love doing this with individuals, and seeing their transformations enriches me; being here to serve, to be your support and guide you in approaching challenges and difficult moments with holistic and spiritual practices so you can be who you most want to be. 


Hi Beautiful Soul.

I am honoured that you are here. A born and raised Novocastrian girl, I am here to remind women of their inner divinity; through divine connection, authenticity, alignment, love and a calling to guide women into becoming whole from the inside out. I have created an intentional and heart-centred business that touches many.


I help women co-create from their heart-centred consciousness using intuition to thread personal growth into all areas of being… being the physical, emotional, spiritual for a healthier mind, body and spirit.


I am here to serve by helping you deepen your self development journey – so you can feel at your best and live a life you love.

That includes your unique set of gifts, your personality, your values, your own sense of being, your essence and most importantly, your heart. I believe that peace and fulfilment is our deepest calling to just be ... and to genuinely flourish.


No matter what your dreams, desires, obstacles or struggles only you can change you, and your life. I am here to serve you and I created The Maven from my heart's calling with a passion deeply-rooted in guiding you to live beyond your potential; to be The Maven... of You.

There is so much I would like to share with you, however I don’t identify with my achievements. My unwavering commitment to my own soul, to others and all within our universe is what lights me up and what I am here to share with you. I care deeply and honour all – human beings, animals and nature. And I am committed to showing up and serving in the best way I can for those who are here.


I am an intuitive guide with a natural ability to read people and discern truth, a co-creator and I offer oracle readings, holistic consultancy and 1:1 mentoring and coaching so you can create fulfillment from within by rising in your uniqueness. Vesna quickly gets right to the heart of what is holding you back, keeping you stuck and preventing you from connecting to the real you and achieving your dreams.  

Work with Vesna in a personalised Intuitive way to turn your deepest, most personal dreams into your reality, heal your past, present and future self, let go of limiting patterns and emotions and fulfil your potential.  Learn to become a Master of your Body, Mind & Spirit by healing your emotions.

Ves struggled with her own physical and emotional journey along the way which led her to dive deeper into holistic healing. And has since felt a deeper calling where she sought further training as an empowerment coach and her passion is to be of service aiding the collective to heal in a whole being approach.

Ves is an Intuitive Empath and light-worker.  She connects with her higher being and brings through the information that will help you awaken, elevate your energy, release blocks, limitations, heal and overcome challenges, so you can connect more deeply with yourself and live a meaningful life.


Vesna’s gift is to mirror your own uniquity and grace back to you. She brings wisdom, insight and a practical, grounded and down to earth approach to her work. 

Ves Beige-99.jpeg

Which brings me to you...

My promise is to guide you to unlearn, unravel, discover, grow and ascend yourself and your life; to do what feels good, wholesome and nourishing from the inside out. 

From my creative consultancy to now intuitive guide and mentor, the greatest expression of my gifts is to partner with my courageous community and create change from within.

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