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Our purpose is to provide you with an enriching blend of mentoring, life alignment, planning and heart-centred guidance to help you create a truly fulfilled and meaningful life, always with you as the core focus. We are passionate about aligning who you are with where you want to be, so that you can grow in purpose, and come home to you.

Our programs are personalised for you, creating a bespoke transformational journey that provides genuine growth, enlightenment and a coming home to you; your soul and your divine essence.


Assisting you in uncovering your shadows, soul needs and desires by providing you with the clarity in an empowering, direct, supportive and encouraging energy. Identification and resolve are all part of the session together to realign you with your path.

This is a three-card tarot reading to set the tone of the body, the mind and the spirit and then moves into a one-card intuitive spread that is responsive to your situation.

These embodiment rituals and practices are deeply rooted in the divine feminine and focused on soul-nourishing and self-love practices to evoke and transform the divine and wild woman within. They feel just like a mini-retreat experience without having to getaway for days (which as we know is not always practical)!


Love & Relationship Guidance is a talk-therapy modality for those who have a relational perspective to discuss and work through. If your love life is not working out the way you had hoped or you're dating and confused about where things are going, you will be amazed by how you can be guided.

This reading is for those seeking more in-depth and extensive answers, starting with a customised-to-you tarot spread.

During one of these sessions, you receive information from your soul’s calling while learning to connect to your Soul Voice to have a direct experience of the Divine part of you.

Take a step towards your best life with the 45 minute Healing Session where we begin to understand your path in life.

This is about intentionally aligning with the real you; by rejuvenating you in a wholehearted way of being, and discovering your core essence. We realign and rejuvenate you into a more whole way of being; we take you back to your core.

A heart to heart reconnecting with your purpose to provoke a deep, soul searching process. Here's to becoming more aware of your beliefs and values by shedding some heavy layers.

These sessions focus on your personal growth journey and self-development; the path to becoming the person you most want to be.


To become clear on who you are, what you want, how to get there and what may be keeping you stuck or holding you back.

To learn how to bring balance, peace and harmony to your mind, body and spirit.

To learn how to access your own higher guidance and intuitive gifts for greater levels of clarity, wisdom and creative energy.

To gain well-being tools, practices and strategies/rituals to transform upcoming challenges and enhance your life.

To leave sessions feeling enriched, energised, empowered and inspired.


Consultation just for you

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