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Assisting you in uncovering your shadows, soul needs and desires by providing you with the clarity in an empowering, direct, supportive and encouraging energy. Identification and resolve are all part of the session together to realign you with your path.


Vesna talks to you about your life, much like that friend you go soul-deep with, a life coach, mentor and spiritual advisor to communicate with your higher self. Her intent is to uplift and empower you, to enhance how you see yourself and the world around you.  


She does not expect you to treat the information that she gives you as the gospel truth, you should always use your own discernment, take what resonates with you and leave the rest. You have free will to use the information in the way that feels right for you.


Each guidance session is unique and the techniques used vary between clients. You can ask specific questions about any area of your life. If you’re stuck on your path or unsure of the direction, we energetically decipher what is preventing you from progressing on your path and where your blockages are located.

Book your appointment today to find clarity, direction, healing, and inner peace. Feel into the energy of love, light and healing with intuitive guidance.


What's Included?

+ Discovery Session with The Maven

+ 1 week of email support

50 Minute Session

$80 AUD

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